We know what you’re thinking;

‘What does it take to truly shake up the traditional Scottish distillery experience?’ No? Fair enough. To be totally honest, we wouldn’t know much about what the well-trodden path looks like anyway.

You see, we’re all about doing things our way, so we don’t pay too much mind to tradition.

Following our noses has always brought us unexpected results – and that’s the way we like it. We take innovation into outstretched arms and give it a big, sweaty, end-of-the-night embrace. Maybe for just a wee bit longer than is comfortable. 

But that’s alright. Innovation doesn’t mind. In fact, it hugs us right back. It’s something of a symbiotic relationship. We took a risk and built a distillery on our own terms featuring cutting-edge design, operations… and, of course, high-quality spirits. In return, we’re able to use words like ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘high-quality’ like some kind of Silicon valley wunderkind giving a keynote.

But California it aint.

This is Angus, and you won’t find much in the way of high-falutin tech bros here. Instead, it’s a more down-to-earth brand of progressiveness. We’re focussed on making world-class gin, rum, moonshine and offering up an unforgettable visitor experience.

It’s that simple, and if that qualifies for ‘shaking things up’… well, charge your glasses and hold on to something sturdy.


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Bootlegger of Soul

Phil Paton

A career in the police followed by years as a fully-qualified hands-on osteopath makes for a pretty unique take on life’s rich pattern. Enter Phil, Angus Alchemy’s man of mystery mixed with pragmatism who brings a little balance to the proceedings.

He’s your go-to Alchemist when you’re in need of a good libation on the one hand, on the other hand’ conversation and some fresh and thoughtful perspective. Followed, always, by a good laugh and a heartfelt toast to tomorrow.

pHIL's top tipple: Cranachan Crack

Wee dash of our own Cranachan Moonshine over a splash of Honey on ice (preferably Nine to Hive) Cream Soda or Lemonade with Strawberries split and stirred, mmmmmmm.

Mixer of Mayhem

Martin Brown

Do not be misled by Martin’s disarming demeanour — that’s just a persona he’s nurtured to ensure he always succeeds in the down-to-earth world of commercial procurement where diplomacy and patience are key.

He’s just as mischievous as the rest of the team, and here’s the thing: procurement is one hell of a transferable skill. Martin’s know-how is invaluable when it comes to sourcing the very best ingredients and Angus Alchemy’s many other wondrous moving parts…

Martin's s top tipple: Bud Right

Mr Palmer would be jealous of our own Mr Golfs passion for the Lite side of Beer. Use some Bud Lite, over Apple Pie Moonshine, Real Lemonade and ice for an Annie Palmer with style!!!!

Distillers of Divergence

Campbell Archibald

Campbell’s track record as a successful entrepreneur makes sure the Alchemy team stays firmly rooted in the real world. But he’s also a dreamer of really big dreams and loves to push those business boundaries whenever, wherever he can.

You’ll always know Campbell’s close at hand because his energy and love for life pretty much fills the available space. Intrigued by some of Angus Alchemy’s whackier ideas? Campbell will be the one to ask if you’re wanting to know where they came from… 

Campbell’s top tipple: Clootie chin chin

Our own Clootie Moonshine, Ginger Wine, Lemonade (Fresh or Sprite) with a pinch of brown sugar, shaken and poured over Sultanas, pressed and ready, Drizzle brown sugar on glass edge for additional va va boom!!!!

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