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Angus ALchemy


If you’ve come looking for a selection of Scotland’s finest spirits or, better yet, a whole new take on the distillery experience, well… here’s one we built earlier.

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the alchemists

Campbell, Martin and Phil are the guys behind the whole operation. One part entrepreneurial, one part mad scientist, a dash of mayhem and a good measure of down-to-earth-ness, you’re more likely to find them in the bar than the boardroom.

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the alchemy academy

Those looking for a little extra qualification in the dark arts of our resident Alchemists may be interested in our Alchemy Academy. Besides being something that’ll be guaranteed to make even the most vibrant CV look that bit more, ahem… interesting, it’s just good plain fun.



Not sure if you’ve noticed, but lately there’s a bit of noise around the wellbeing of the environment. We couldn’t help share that concern, not to mention the responsibility of doing our bit. That’s why at the heart of our operation sits the bio boiler we had purpose-built.

Utilising fully sustainable, local wood chips, it provides heat, water and steam for all our works. Come to think of it, it’s arguably the hardest-working member of the team. Soon enough, it’ll heat our onsite accommodation, known as Distillery Digs too!

Then there’s the heat sync tanks that are used for condenser management which means reduced water use but recyclable content too. We even recycle charcoal in our flavouring and composting processes. Oh aye, and all our merch and packaging is recycled too. Of course.

rest, meet & refresh

Cycle Sanctuary

On yer bike? No problem. Think of our Cycle Sanctuary as the perfect pit stop for anyone touring through Angus’ glorious bike routes.

Learning Experience

The Alchemy Acadaemy

Course Synopsis

This is where myth, mystery and mayhem converge. All in the creation of your very own Angus Alchemy concoction. Ideal for five to ten people the Alchemy Academy takes place over the course of an afternoon, evening or weekend at our Distillery Digs accommodation. Our host will greet you with a welcome drink before diving head-first into the process, flavours and energy that goes into our creations. Your creation will be personally labelled and committed to our Academy’s esteemed database – should you wish to re-order it at any point after “graduating”.

How’s that for an education?

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