Miniatures Gift Set

Thank your friends, family, co-worker or simply that weird connection you haven’t seen in a while, this is the best gift set ever. Lovingly packed and re-usable (see the bottom) it contains not only the finest spirits this side of Hades, but love, attention to detail, and quite simply the best flavours since you were wee.

Angus Alchemy uses the finest local spring water and a whole heap of creativity to ensure that each taste “goes round yer heart like a hairy worm”. All local, natural and with none of your gizmos and gadgets we ensure a punch to the uvula on each sample. Created with love and a lot of fun we hope you will enjoy, grab your wallet, purse or cards and head back for more using your christmas, birthday or however you got that money.

Set includes: Prickled Pink Gin, Prickly Gin, Cranachan Moonshine & Clootie Moonshine.


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